Jason D Kunesh

#001: FIRST

Wow, the first post on a new blog on a new site.

Every few years I rebuild my website. This version of the site is a complete re-make from where it's hosted to how it's designed. For 2023, there's three sites. One personal, one professional, and one to direct traffice and share the latest.

After spending most of 2021-2022 in Figma, Keynote or Quickbooks, returning to code was bracing. I forgot the sheer number of production details that go into making a web site, from hosting to publishing to content creation to graphic design.

Making the new kunesh.design, jdkunesh.com and jasonkunesh.com sites has taught me a bunch. The early posts on this blog are going to cover the most noteworthy items, including web hosting, publishing CSS3, typography, social images and more.

Having multiple sites is definitely more upkeep. Like working in government, things are done in triplicate. My code is often not DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself), as the early patterns are mostly the same. Jdkunesh.com will be a site people can go to for a quick hit, almost like a link tree.

Pulling together these sites makes me realize the value of iteration and prior work. Even when incorrect or made obsolescent by later events prototypes and reflections guide and inform decisions. There's no wasted work given time and perspective.