Jason Kunesh


A colophon describes the methods, tools, and materials used to make a creative work. Traditionally, colophons were the ending flourish of a book. This is the colophon for jasonkunesh.com.

This version of the site was produced and published March 2023. Highlights of this version include a new design, and more directed writing.


I am using Tailwindcss to produce modern CSS for the graphic design. Additionally, icons are Font Awesome and typefaces Big Shoulders (Chicago's municipal type family) and Public Sans (the US government's typeface) are provided by Google Fonts.


This site is hosted on Netlify. It is produced using 11ty, a blog-aware static site generator written in Node and Javascript. 11ty generates a static web site from text files and media content stored in Nunjuk (.njk) files and a basic custom theme. The theme is built upon Tom Reinert's Minimal 11ty Tailwind Starter.


Images are my own unless otherwise noted. For many, I am still hunting for the photographer if not the copyright owner. If you note an improper or missing attribution, please contact me. Logos, copyrights and trademarks are mostly held by the organizations for whom I did the work.

This is a hand-built site produced using open source tools and free hosting as God intended.

Thanks for stopping by!